Our exhibition
"Rethinking Security" - an exhibition to think together about what keeps us safe

Themes of the Exhibition

- Who, what and why is Stop Fuelling War, Cessez d’alimener la Guerre,
- Climate : the effect of the armstrade and the military
- Health and social policies: security is also health, where our taxes go.
- The militarisation of the police
- The military and youth
- Eurosatory and Milipol Arms Fairs in Paris
- Arms sales - who decides? Transparency and democacy
- Conclusion: Rethinking security

The Exhibition is complemented by documents including materials produced by SFW and books for viewing and for sale.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the impacts and consequences of the arms trade on the daily lives of citizens. It is informative and interactive, designed to address issues that are linked to the arms trade but often go unquestioned and even unanswered by the secrecy surrounding the area of ‘ security’and ‘defence’. Sans Armes Citoyen.ne.s is also suitable for all generations and children over 10 but is especially suitable for 18 to 40 year olds, this group was very receptive to the content and presentation.
The exhibition consists of graphic panels of information 15 wall mounted and two free standing. A series of photographs plus videos some with subtitles and some are amusing. There are interactive elements such as of roulette wheels of what ight happen and suggestions for what visitors consider is ‘security’. There are also art work pieces.

Some visitors comments in the visitors book, in translation.

"Very beautiful exhibition despite the seriousness of what we have shown. Very accessible to all and despite the violence described, respect for the visitor exists.
Bravo Bon chemin
", — LP.

"What a nice surprise to have discovered this exhibition on a theme that is too little discussed and publicized! I highly recommend taking the time to read the contents which are of great quality. I have learnt a lot about the arms trade today!
Superb project to circulate throughout France!
" ­— Marie

The exhibition is available for hire by the week either as a whole entity or panels only. SFW could also assist by giving talks and assisting at an associated conference.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all enquiries.

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