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Rethinking Security - What keeps us safe?
Thank you for coming!

We thank you for your presence at our exhibition at La Botica in the 20th arrondissement and at DEFAP in the 14th arrondissement!

A surprising and stimulating exhibition to learn together what makes us safe in today's world.

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Through art, video and photography, our exhibition deciphers and visually informs how the arms industry affects us all in our daily lives: it influences your health, your job, the climate and the future of young people!
At this exhibition we have proposed alternatives and actions for peace. Building a sustainable and just peace is not an impossible dream, but it is achievable and it can start now!

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Open Editorial

Please find here our op-ed from 11th June 2020 on why Eurosatory should be cancelled and investments should be turned towards healthcare and the climate emergency: Why eurosatory should be closed for good - and for the good of the world. Oped english

However, we know that arms deals are still being agreed behind closed doors and ‘defence’ budgets increase.
We see that so many events in 2020 wild fires, Covid 19, flooding, locusts and various disasters caused by the climate emergency cannot be solved by the military industrial complex and excesses of the arms industries. While recognising the role that emergency services play, including the army, we need to take this opportunity to REWRITE OUR FUTURE.

Transform Eurosatory into a place to showcase peacebuilding or cancel it forever!

If you would like to use any images or materials or contact a representative of Stop Fuelling War, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please find here our informational brochures, articles and press releases

Stop Fuelling War's brochure on the myths about the arms trade: 


Joint Global Day Against Military Spending (GDAMS) and European Network Against Arms trade (ENAAT) press release on funding for peace not armamements. (Stop Fuelling War is a member of both ENAAT and GDAMS). 

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War in Yemen – Made in Europe: Online protest against European arms sales to the Saudi-let coalition - press release

war in yemen

Find here a link to our interviews with Holly Spencer

- on Radio France International at the time of the Eurosatory arms fair 2018 

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-on Al Jazeera at the time of the Eurosatory arms fair 2018 



Postcards from 2016 (click to download the PDF)

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Whilst still in the midst of its controversial arms exports to the Yemen, France prepares to welcome one of the world's biggest arms fairs.  pdf icon 150x150

biggest arms fair<< download PDF of this release

Paris, 4th June 2018 :
A few days before the opening of Eurosatory, the world's biggest international land and aerial defence and security fair which will be held from 11th to 15th June 2018 in Paris. Eurosatory will welcome hundreds of arms dealers and official delegations, including countries currently under an arms embargo or mired in controversies. The aim of the fair is to present the latest innovations in military equipment. The organisation, Stop Fuelling War, together with other peace movements and NGOs, is opposed to this event and is underlining the dramatic impact that arms sales have on peace and human rights. France's arms exports to war-torn countries, notably the Yemen, is facing intense criticism.

Controversial arms dealers and repressive regimes are coming next week to Eurosatory. 

controversial arms dealers << download this release

Paris, 7 June 2018 – Next Monday will see the opening of Eurosatory, the world's largest land and aerial weapons fair. In 2016, 1571 exhibitors came to Paris, among them very controversial companies notorious for their weapons sales to repressive regimes or countries already at war. This year, the event will again welcome big defence names linked by civil society to murderous conflicts. Eurosatory presents itself as an exceptional opportunity to meet the industrialists of air and land defence and security. These more or less household names come to promote the latest trends and innovative technologies in arms and war supplies : tanks, combat helicopters, firearms, knives, grenades, missiles ....

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