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The arms industry does not guarantee security. Let’s rethink security together!

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Stop Fuelling War (SFW) is a French association whose aim is to raise awareness about the arms trade, and to campaign against its existence and negative impacts. In 2017, SFW was formally established as a not-for-profit French association loi 1901 (Cessez d’Alimenter la Guerre). The arms trade impacts both the government and population of the supplying country (in this case, France) with corruption, overspending on military budgets and cuts to social protection. It also impacts on the receiving countries of military equipment, when often accused human rights abusing regimes will use these same weapons against their civilians.
SFW has over the last few years produced publications and resources to learn more and to share, available on our website, and a podcast interviewing experts linking their fields to the arms industry.

SFWs Mandate: To contribute towards a world free of war, where conflict is resolved through peaceful means and where human security and human rights are prioritised over personal gain or the financial interests of the arms industry.

Do you want to act ? You can join us!

Headquarters : Centre Quaker International
114 rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris
Association loi de 1901 No. W751238358


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